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Welcome Founding Investors 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present a very real and unique opportunity to improve the way business is done in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has always been an innovative and forward-thinking organization and in the new digital world that we live in, we believe that it's time to use technology to humanize commerce. 

We are excited to present Brooklyn's first local market network will empower Brooklyn businesses with networking, promotional, and savings opportunities.

All the ingredients needed for the long-term sustainable success of Brooklyn businesses.

With your valuable investment contributions, we are aiming to raise $150,000 as Pre-Launch, Founding Investments in order to create greater awareness among the business community of this impactful mission and powerful platform.

As a Founding Sponsor, you will also receive valuable perks and advertising opportunities throughout the platform. 

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Brooklyn's Marketplace Network

The Network

  • 100,000+ Local Business Reach

  • 20,000+ Business Network

  • 2000+ Member Businesses

The Engagement

  • 90% + Notification Open Rate

  • 1000's of Daily Active users

  • B2B Community


Make An Impact

It's time for positive disruption. Brooklyn needs a local marketplace platform that empowers the business community and  helps keeps the money  within the community- not in silicon valley

Support Sustainability 

Empower local businesses to have longterm success with a platform that provides digital networking promotional and savings opportunities in addition to valuable  B2B resources  curated by BCC 

Measurable ROI

As a founding  investor, you will receive high ROI from the various digital advertising inventories available on the  highly engaged Marketplace Network Platform

THe Audience

Marketplace network

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THe Opportunity 

Next Steps

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